Lab members

Anna Franz

Principal Investigator


Anna is a group leader at the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at UCL. She received her PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Cambridge, working with Prof. Jordan Raff, where she studied centriole duplication. She then investigated the roles of motile fat body cells in wound healing with Prof. Paul Martin and Prof. Will Wood at the University of Bristol.  She was awarded a Royal Society/Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Research Fellowship to establish her own lab at UCL in May 2019.  

Cyril Andrieu


I obtained my PhD in developmental biology under the mentoring of Eric Theveneau in Toulouse. During my PhD, my research focused on the functions  of MMPs during epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) and cell migration in the chick neural crest. Having always been interested in cell migration, I now want to understand the intracellular processes underlying fat body cell motility and identify the environmental signals which control cell migration during development and pathologic events



Ioanna Pitsidianaki 

PhD student

I am a biologist with a strong interest in fundamental research and in particular cell and developmental biology. I acquired my Masters in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine at the University of Crete, working on transcriptional regulation of Hey, a Notch target gene. I then joined the Campbell lab at the University of Sheffield as a research assistant where I studied collective cell migration in the developing Drosophila embryo. As a PhD student in the Franz lab I’m now studying the roles of fat body cells in two highly correlated phenomena, cancer and wound healing.

Barizah Hanim  

Masters student

I am a graduate student in MSc Biomedical science at UCL currently completing my Masters research project in the Franz lab.

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Previous lab members

Zehra Ali-Khan


I am a biomedical sciences student at UCL. I am particularly interested in human disease and the immune response and understand that cellular processes have great importance in maintaining healthy bodily function. I'm currently doing a lab project in Anna's lab to study fat body cell remodelling.