22 October 2019

Zehra and Cyril have joined the lab. Welcome! 

8 July 2019

Postdoc position available: We currently have one postdoc position available. We are looking for an ambitious postdoctoral fellow to join in the fun exploring motile fat body cells and their roles in wound healing and cancer using sophisticated genetic, molecular and live imaging techniques. For more details please contact Anna Franz directly (along with your CV and cover letter describing your research interests). Find out more about the position and submit your formal application through UCL's job portal till 9th of August 2019. 

22 April 2019

Anna Franz has been awarded the Genetics Society of America (GSA) "Drosophila Image Award" 2019 for “the most compelling blend of aesthetics and important science that is demonstrated in a video image” 

10 March 2018

Our recent paper "Fat Body Cells Are Motile and Actively Migrate to Wounds to Drive Repair and Prevent Infection" was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES